Launchings 1975 - 2013                        click on any image or vessel in red for more pictures and details

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photos above and left: Barbara Hadden
Alert, 1975…..1902 Knockabout Sloop  (rebuild, pictured above)

Phippsburg Hampton, 1981…..1870s Sailing Lobster Boat  (new construction, pictured right)

Ida Rose, 1987…..1911 Sea Bird Yawl  (new construction, pictured left)

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Yankee Tender, 1989…..12'4" Flat Bottom Skiff  (new construction)

Olive, 1994…..24' Pete Culler fast skiff  (new construction, pictured left)

Whitehall, 1995…..13' replica  (new construction)

Emma, 1996       1930 34' Alden Barnacle  (rebuild, pictured right)

River Rat, 1999…..Atkin 22' outboard power cruiser  (new construction)

Noble Cab, 2002…..Atkin 34' V-bottom Sea Bright skiff  (new construction, pictured left)

Patience, 2003…..1888 W.P. Stevens N.J. Melonseed gunning skiff built by Don Conry and Alex Hadden  (new construction, pictured right) 

Julie Anne, 2006     1930 26' Beals Island converted lobster boat 

Surprise, 1999-2007     25' Crosby Cat originally built by Newbert & Wallace of Thomaston, Maine in 1970 (rebuild, pictured left)

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Judy Sue, 2012     A Vinnie Cavanaugh designed 36' cruiser (new construction, pictured below left)

Faultless, 2013   21’ Kit Launch, restored by John Thompson and Alex Hadden    (pictured below, center)


Elizabeth II, 1984,   2000, 2005, 2012, 2014    new and ongoing             
reconstruction  (pictured, below right)


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