Elizabeth II:  a replica of Sir Walter Raleigh's flagship ca. 1584

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Elizabeth II, Launched 1983                     Builder: O. Lie-Nielsen                  Designer: William A. Baker / Stanley Potter

Elizabeth II is a replica of Sir Waler Raleigh’s original flagship founding the “Lost Colony” in 1584 on Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Alex Hadden was one of an eleven person crew working for Mr. Lie -Nielsen. Thanks to the ongoing diligence of her maintence crew, Elizabeth II has faired very well over the years, especially considering the harsh (to wood) warm climate of North Carolina.

There have been some larger repairs necessary over the years undertaken initially by O. Lie-Nielsen until his passing in 2004, followed by contracting through the present day by Hadden Boat Company. Almost all of these larger repairs were due to the use of white oak for any timbers larger than 8” in siding, everything else being salt/arsenic treated pine or juniper in her original construction, which has held up beautifully.

All the oak has now been replaced by tropical hardwoods, mostly purple heart. The work on these larger refits to date has been performed mostly by members of the original crew: Sam Jones, Fred Asplen, Joe Balderson, Alex Hadden, among others.

Major Repairs:
Winter 1999-2000:  Replace inner and outer stem pieces, longhead, beakhead, railcaps, catheads, gammon knee, channels, mast bowls, cross and tressel trees, etc
Winter 2004-2005:  Replace inner and outer sternposts, stern knee, deadwood, planking, strut pads, all gun ports, etc. (see pictures below) Crew: Sam Jones, Fred Asplen, Alex Hadden
Summer 2009:  Fabricate and deliver new bowsprit
Winter 2011-2012:  Replace 90% of varnished topsides planking, also deck, wale, waterway and spurketting replacement as necessary
Winter 2012-2013:  Replaced all weather decks (juniper worn down from 30 years of visitor traffic) bowl rims aloft, wales and rails, stanchions and channels as necessary

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