Judy Sue:  a Vinnie Cavanaugh replica   launched 2012

photo: Joel Page
From the 1950s to the 1970s, Vinnie Cavanaugh of Portland, Maine designed and built a series of 36' power cruisers. We took the lines from one of the hulls, Mariah Willo, lying in Freeport. From those lines, we built Judy Sue and launched her in September 2012. Judy Sue is cedar planked on oak frames with bronze fastenings. She differs from Cavanaugh’s original design in having a fully enclosed wheelhouse. She is a comfortable, easily driven and seaworthy boat with a clean, low wake. She carries a 265hp Yanmar slant-6 with a 2:1 Velvet Drive and will cruise easily at 14 knots. She'll do 20 knots wide open. Click on any image below to see the project from shop to launch.  Click here for a 360 degree movie tour.

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